Snow Melting for Small Applications

Snow Melting for Small Applications  Snow melting for all smaller applications. The ETR2 gives an economical control of ice-and snow melting

Type: ETR2

The ETR2 gives an economical control of ice-and snow melting for all smaller applications. With focus on power consumption and easy installation, the ETR2 keeps gutters and small ground areas free of ice and snow.

  • Detection of temperature and moisture

  • Electronic on/off control up to 3,600W

  • For roof or gutter applications

  • Easy to install

  • Adjustable moisture sensitivity

  • Possibility to activate forced heat

  • Economical control of ice and snow melting in the outdoor area and gutters




  • My ETOR-55 sensor has 6 wires - only 4 are described in the manual

    What do I do with the last two wires (pink and grey)?

    The ETOR-55 is now fitted with the same cable as the ETOG-55 - and can therefor be connected in the same way as the ETOG. Alternatively these two wires can be cut off (wires are not connected/used in sensor).

  • Does my ETOG-55 work?


    I need to know what I'm suppose to measure on my ETOG-55 sensor.


    Press here for larger version

  • ETR2 with ETSG-55 sensor


    How do I connect an old ETSG-55 with a ETR2-1550 controller?


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