Control in the palm of your hand

Adaptability to Complex User Needs

Thanks to WiFi connectivity, all modules can be operated via your smartphone, tablet or laptop/PC.

  • Locate zone modules with your smartphone
    A beeper function makes it easy for service staff to locate zone modules hidden behind ceiling tiles with perfect accuracy – which greatly reduces the time spent on maintenance.
  • Pre-installed software – and easy updating
    The software controlling the zone modules is stored in the Master unit. All modules in the network can be easily updated by replacing the SD memory card.
  • Touch-screen room panels
    The full-colour touch-screen room panels let users control the fan speed and temperature in their room, allowing them to their personal comfort within the overall parameters of your OJ GreenZone™ system.

Fast installation saves installation time and costs

  • Just plug & play
    Installation is a simple matter of plug & play: the combination of Modbus QuickPlug™ and built-in software ensures that OJ GreenZone™ saves valuable installation time
  • Simple configuration
    The OJ GreenZone™ configures itself automatically: the Master automatically assigns addresses to each zone module. This eliminates the need for complicated DIP switches – as well as the risk of blocking the network due to random address conflicts.
  • No programming necessary
    Installers simply plug in the components and fine-tune the settings. Each room or zone can be configured to ensure ideal climate and operation – and a single OJ GreenZone™ solution can handle up to 125 individual zones.

Watch this video to see how easy it is to programme a VAV damper, connect a sensor or connect OJ Zone modules in series.

Green Comfort

Intelligent Control
Green Comfort

Intelligent control results in maximum comfort with low energy consumption.


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