OJ-DRHX drives

OJ DRHX is a series of drives dedicated to rotary heat exchangers

The DRHX range takes an all-new approach to rotary heat exchanger drives. Instead of using conventional geared motor technology, the combination of a stepper motor with field oriented sensorless motor control, brings you energy-optimised heat recovery and precise temperature control (patent pending). This gives you an entirely new way of maximising the efficiency of your ventilation systems.

The DRHX is equipped with a software rotation monitor, which means that no physical optical rotation guard is needed. A sophisticated control algorithm detects whenever rotation is absent.

With the OJ DRHX series we have built an application-ready solution that can be installed and integrated to fit your exact requirements. No components or detail has been overlooked in creating these didicated drives. Drives that are quick to install, simple to customise, easy to mount and work in any condition.

The product range covers the full range from 2Nm to 14Nm in three drive power sizes. The drive power size 14Nm will be available from November 2017.

Product features:

  • Sealing grade of IP 54
  • Self-cooling
  • -40°C to +40°C
  • Stepper motor
  • 230V AC single-phase supply

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