Simple. Scalable. Cost-efficient compact AHU controller

AHU controller for smaller-scale ventilation applications. Here you get genuine OJ quality at cost-efficient prices: the AHC-3000 offers all the standard functions required by most of your customers – and pre-programmed add-on options makes the system entirely scalable while avoiding the costs of customised programming. Of course, the AHC-3000 also enables you to use the new OJ Air Cloud® SCADA system.

A simpler controller

Simple, straightforward controller designed for smaller system types such as decentral ventilation and compact air handling units – and it also lets you benefit from the equally new OJ Air Cloud® SCADA system. Here, OJ quality meets cost-efficiency. We believe that this will help you create even more competitive solutions – and reach new markets for smaller-scale systems.

Standard version – or add-ons? Pick what you need.

The standard version of the AHC-3000 will handle all the basic functions usually required by your customers. Where more complex functionalities are required, these can easily be purchased as add-ons. Examples of add-on functions

•  Filter pressure

•  Pressure control

•  Flow control

•  Power read-out

•  OJ Air Cloud®

You can add these advanced functions at cost-efficient prices: no customised programming is required, which helps to make the AHC-3000 very competitive.

Choose the connectivity you need

The AHC-3000 is available in three versions, thereby giving you access to flexible BMS integration. Choose between:

•  Standard version

•  TCP/IP version – includes access to the OJ Air Cloud® SCADA system

•  Bluetooth® – includes access to the OJ Air Cloud® SCADA system

Monitor up to 25 units with a single touch panel

When used with decentralised ventilation systems, the AHC-3000 enables you to monitor and control up to 25 AHU units via a single touch panel. For example, any alarms will show up on the shared touch panel.

Helps you create competitive BMS solutions

The ability to monitor multiple air handling units on a single HMI enables you to create highly competitive BMS solutions. We call this solution BasicBMS – and it typically brings savings of up to 92% compared to similar traditional BMS solutions.

Complete, flexible solution

The AHC-3000 is a fully rounded solution that combines a range of standard applications with the scalable flexibility of add-on options. No other equipment or programming is required.

Future-proof product range

Careful development and details such as the colour-touch HMI makes sure that you and your customers are ready for the future with the AHC-3000.

Reliability based on experience

The simplicity of the AHC-3000 is underpinned by many years of know-how from the industry, so you can be certain that it will perform reliably and efficiently.

We’ll help you reach your markets

The AHC-3000 gives you an easy, cost effective way to access the market for smaller AHU systems or AHU systems where fewer functionality requirements apply. To help you reach these new markets, we will support your product development and launch with a range of materials, including technical training material.

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