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OJ Drives®

The OJ Drives® product programme contains a variety of drive products for various ventilation applications, including air handling units, rooftop fans, plug fans, box fans and rotary heat exchangers.

OJ Drives® is our endeavor for developing and manufacturing drive solutions for ventilation systems. Our knowledge with HVAC and motor applications has allowed us to create smart and flexible drive products that can be configured to meet the specific needs of your ventilation system.

OJ Electronics has developed drives for the ventilation segment for more than 20 years. The combination of our high product quality and our extensive ventilation application know-how has resulted in highly dependable drives.

The OJ Drives® product programme:

  • 2N to 14Nm drives and stepper motors for rotary heat exchangers
  • Drives for fan applications in the range 0.5 to 15kW
  • Different accessories e.g. option modules, cable kits, PC tools

For easy installation and integration

OJ Drives® is an application-ready solution that can be installed and integrated to fit your exact requirements. No component or detail has been overlooked in creating these dedicated drives. Drives that are quick to install, simple to customise, easy to mount and work in any condition.

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