Hydronic Floor Heating Control

Intelligent and energy-efficient  hydronic floor heating and cooling in one

Our waterline system provides a temperature control system for room heating and cooling that saves up to 55% energy. We pride ourselves on high functionality including integrating heating and cooling in one, individual temperature control and wired and wireless communication in one system. The system can be integrated into Building Management Systems and can be accessed by OJ FMS™ floor management system, for easier and better control of your underfloor heating with tablet, smartphone and PC access, for greater comfort and effortless energy savings.

The result is well-defined functionality on a high level, offering a flexibility to the market that gives true value to both our customers and end users.   

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Floor Heating Hydronic

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Floor Heating Hydronic
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OJ Waterline

The new OJ WaterlineTM Control system enhance the performance of hydronic floor heating solutions.


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