Wired and Wireless Communication

Wired and Wireless Communication Hydronic Floor Heating from OJ stand out and take comfort further - Integration heating and cooling in one, offering several features of modern technology

Universal Master for wired or wireless communication

The master is universal and can be used for wireless communication if a receiver is connected. Sensors with either wireless or cable communication can be combined in the same system.

Wired communication

Low-voltage sensors/controllers are connected to the Master in a star or series using standard 2-core wires (0.25 mm2). The total length of a wire may be up to 300 m with a maximum of 100 m between any two units. If the system is subsequently extended, the new room sensor / controller is simply connected to the nearest wire or room sensor.

Wireless communication

The Master is universal and wireless communication is possible if a receiver is connected. A frequency band of 868 MHz is used in order to maximise communication stability. Activating the sensors/controllers is extremely easy: set the Master in learning mode and press the activation button on the sensors/controllers.



  • Sensors/controllers use standard AAA batteries with a low-battery alarm, that can be turned off for 24 hours until the batteries have been replaced

  • Sensors with either wireless or cable communication can be combined in the same system

Green Comfort

Intelligent Control
Green Comfort

Intelligent control results in maximum comfort with low energy consumption.

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