Easy installation and intuitive operation

Room sensors and room controllers for the OJ Waterline™ WLM3 system have been designed for easy installation, flexibility, intuitive operation and energy efficient operation in mind, in order to meet the needs of those who service and install them.

Installers are looking for:

  • Quick guide installer instruction

  • Plug and play for easy integration

  • Reliable and trouble-free results

  • Flexibility as both wired and wireless sensors can be attached to the same system

End-users are looking for a modern device that is much more than a simple temperature control. They want an intuitive device designed to put a greater degree of control in their hands.

  • Easy temperature adjustment

  • Timed temperature control

  • Intuitive user interface with large backlit display or big dial button for easy operation

Key features of the room sensors and controllers:

  • Intuitive operation

  • 3.2” backlit display

  • PI controlled room temperatures

  • Safe 5 volt connection to all hard wired room sensors/controllers

  • Energy saving comfort with adaptive function (early start) - ensuring comfort at the “right” time

  • Frost protection

Download the Room sensors and controllers (WLCT3/WLDT3/WLTD3/WLRC3) product sheet for technical details on the room sensors and controllers.

View this page to access technical information on our complete OJ Waterline™ WLM3 solution.


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