Heat well. Cool well. Feel well.

The OJ Waterline™ WLM3 system gives you the ability to provide both heating and cooling temperature.

You can now provide heating and cooling through the same pipework in the floor or through two different manifolds e.g. heating in the floor and cooling in the ceiling. This ensures the best possible comfort conditions.

The perfect temperature

It can be unpleasant if the floor temperature remains excessive for too long and comfort is lost if temperature falls too low. Not only this, but poor floor temperature control can lead to significant damage to certain types of flooring. The OJ Waterline™ WLM3 system provides true comfort through floor temperature limitations and precise control.

Heating and cooling in one

In addition to controlling heating, OJ Waterline™ WLM3 masters have the ability to control cooling. Our system works by sensing the ambient temperature in the room and cooling the floor to a lower temperature than the surrounding air. Optionally, it can also ensure that condensation and humidity are always kept in check through real dew-point calculations. This solution provides cost effective energy efficiency while giving homeowners the comfort they desire.

Green Comfort

Intelligent Control
Green Comfort

Intelligent control results in maximum comfort with low energy consumption.


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