Powered with wired connectivity or wireless freedom

The OJ Waterline™ WLM3 Master is a universal controller that can be used for both wired and wireless communications depending on your design needs.

Wired communication

The OJ Waterline™ WLM3 Control System gives you the power to install masters that ensure proper area control through standard 2-core cables wired to low-voltage sensors (only 5 volts) and controllers which guarantee end-user safety. Wired connections can be up to 300 meters with up to 100 meters between any two units.

Wireless communication

Wireless connection to room controllers/sensors can be established with the same masters by simply connecting a receiver. Wireless offers very high flexibility when either retrofitting current systems or if you need to add additional zones to an existing installation.

Green Comfort

Intelligent Control
Green Comfort

Intelligent control results in maximum comfort with low energy consumption.


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