OJ Drives® series is now cULus Recognized

We are proud to announce that the OJ DV series is now cULus recognized according to UL 508C with a sealing grade of Type 4X. UL 508C is the standard for Power Conversion Equipment.

The DV series complies with the US National Electric Code NFPA 70 and the Canadian Electric Code CSA C22.1.

The DV series operates within the following voltage range:

  •  Single phase: 208-240V AC ±10%
  • Three phase: 200-240V, 380-480V AC ±10%

The UL Type 4X approval is a North American indoor and outdoor approval for non-harsh environments, meaning that when installed outdoors all parts of the drive will remain

  • Unharmed by UV light from the sun
  • Protected from ingress of water (rain, sleet, snow)
  • Unaffected by external formation of ice on the enclosure

It is recommended to

  • Keep the drive powered at all times to avoid internal condensation
  • Avoid mounting of the drive in direct sunlight to prevent overheating

Additional evaluation is required before the combined drive and motor can be operated. The system in which the product is installed must also be UL listed by the appropriate authorities.